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09-11-2013, 12:59 PM
I too would like to "live" in the TOS era, fly the older ships... when they were top of the line.

I would pay for more TOS ships, especially if I had somewhere to fly them except for the Enemy Encounters that are -38 skill level.

If there was a zone that would admit only the lower tier ships (to avoid being a hunting ground for people in the higher tier ships) and have missions with the older enemies and challenges.

But you have to ask... how can Cryptic/PWE profit from this? It would have to be popular enough to have enough players that want to come here and want to pay for TOS era stuff. Not everyone identifies with TOS Star Trek series as "their" Star Trek as well.

The closest thing that we can get to this would be just to create Foundry episodes that are TOS-like somehow.
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