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he all.

how about having an only 23rd century area?? there would not be any galaxy,nebula,intrepid class ships or runabouts. there could be any amount of connies. since this is the 23rd century and the connie is a heavy cruiser. and I would like to see I the
uss archer is the archer class fast scout/destroyer. the nx class could get updated to destroyer/scout class ships???

be kind to all...
This isn't was STO is about, its about Nemisis +40 year time-frame. If another company wants to get permission from the IP holder to make a 23rd century MMO, that would be fine, but no need to have Cryptic create a pocket-universe to the 23rd century and limit player content.

P.S. Just so you know I am a big-time TOS/first six movies fan, so its not series hate.