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09-11-2013, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
The problem isn't quite so simple. This board/community rarely reaches anything even resembling a consensus.

Let us take the upcoming nerf to BO double/triple tapping. Everyone is throwing a hissy fit that it fails to fix the real issue and that it shouldn't be done.

Yet a few months ago when they were about to eliminate the always on EPtS that is one of the most OP bridge officer abilities in the game everyone began to throw a hissy fit.

So what is it, do you want their to be gaps in a players defenses that can be exploited to kills them, or do you not?

The EPTS gaps were bad, because hard gaps followed by hard coverage continues the trend of spike damage being king and pressure/attrition damage being marginalized.

That has always been the thrust of the conversation of the handful that really have the best grasp of mechanics - many of suggested reducing the resistance that EPTS provides as a better solution than simply having on/off periods with huge swings in resistance levels.

Nowhere is this demonstrated better than TT. TT on vs. TT off.

If we really want to normalize the extremes then the ON/OFF yo-yo mechanics need to stop and resistances, healing and passive mitigation needs to come down.