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Originally Posted by poeddude View Post
More pvper supremacist rhetoric.

There are some elite pve-ers who test things as extensive as the best pvp-ers but they do it in the dominant environment of the game.

Just because we don't pvp doesn't mean we aren't as obsessed about every little bit of performance we can get out of our ships.

Though I agree the devs need to ask for help these days. They aren't doing a great job of fixing the games problems by themselves.
Ok, PvP players do have a certain Ego. But PvE players rarely ever cycle Tactical Team, or carry an excess amount of resists. Nor is heavy amounts of Team Work Required to complete any given objective. Let us be honest, after you play Hive Onslaught Elite a few times, you figure out just how to Rofl Stomp the Borg without ever putting yourself in Danger. Doing all this while achieving Optionals, is more about playing the same way every time, then adapting to a dynamic enviorment. I am sorry, but PvE, even Elite PvE is still easy mode. We do more Damage in 2 seconds then the Tactical Cubes will do in 1 minute. We are deadlier then the Enviorment, since we think, adapt, and even cheat to win. So please do not say that PvE is equal in skill to PvP. As a player that has never PvPed will get Rofl Stomped in PvP. But the inverse is NOT True. Example of Builds used for PvE vs PvP.

PvE Scimitar Build.

DHC x5, mods do not matter
Turrets x3 mods do not matter

Rare Deflector
Rare Engine
Rare Core
Rare Shield

Consoles... does not really matter

I can spend 1 million EC and be just as effective as 90% of players in PvE...

My PvP ship costs me 180 million EC and is effective as 70% of players in PvP... but my DPS is in the upper 3% easily.

PvP Build

Disruptor DHC x5 (acc)x3 mods
Disruptor Turret x3 (acc)x3 mods

Very Rare Deflector
Fleet Advanced Engine
Fleet Elite Core
Fleet Elite Shield


Tycho, Shield Adaptive
3 Piece Scimitar set
Disruptor Induction coilds x5

The difference is in design, please do not take it as me saying I am better then you because I PvP. I am saying that I am better at this game, because I have opened my horizons to play all aspects of the game. Which affords me more experience in developing my own playstyle and tactics. Everybody can be good at PvP, but if you do not try to be good at all aspects of the game... Can you really say that you are as good at the game as somebody who does? I think the answer there is no. PvP is a test of one's skill in game against another. Nothing more, nothing less. And before I started PvPing, I thought the Galaxy X was the best ship in game... Just to share with you, I was still completing Elites... in a Failaxy X... I didnt even use Tactical Team...

Play all aspects of the game, to be truly good at the game. As there is not one PvP player that does not PvE. We have to in order to grind.