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Mostly agree (though I can't speak for the PVP stuff), but do have to disagree on Tractor and TBR in PVE. Not like 'oh you're wrong you sux!' so much as overlooked points....

...Tractor beam...
There is so much to say about the state of science and its uses right now that I did skip through things pretty quickly. Despite being as long as it is, it certainly is not comprehensive. Your quite right about the uses of a tractor beam. My descriptions of the abilities usefulness are from a somewhat biased position.

I have 54 bridge officers. That's the most you can buy on a single character before your locked out of buying more slots. Possibly the max is lower without veteran rewards, I don't know if its a purchase limit or a total limit.

At any rate I have that many bridge officers because I have a lot of ships I use with a single science captain that I use in many configurations. I test the effectiveness of abilities and ability combinations in controlled ways against a stop watch, using the same character, with the same skill build, in order to ascertain the usefulness of abilities under real gameplay conditions.

You cant trust the tooltips in STO, they often give a quite misleading impressions of what you can achieve, either due to resistance and power mechanics that they do not account for, bugs in the code which have gone unfixed for a long time or the piloting style of the user.

As I am flying with heavily optimized builds comprised of the best equipment my time to destroy enemies is very quick. Thus my assessment of a 30 second recharge on a tractor beam is too long, I will most likely be on my 3rd or 4th enemy by the time that tractor beam has recharged.

My case is not representative of most peoples however so Reginamala is quite right to call me out. Without my advantages a 30 second recharge is no doubt well worth it.

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...Second on TBR...
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...and really piss off tactical captains who pop all their alpha strike abilities a moment before you push their target out of range.
I probably should have elaborated a little more on that rather then just throwing it in to a sentence on PvP. My bad there. Raginamala is once again quite right to have pointed this out. As fantastically useful as tractor beam repulsors are you must be very situationaly aware to avoid disrupting the rest of your team.