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Originally Posted by vegie0 View Post
please do not take it as me saying I am better then you because I PvP. I am saying that I am better at this game, because I have opened my horizons to play all aspects of the game.
Bit of a contradiction there as PvE and PvP are the only 2 aspects of this game.

I always expect posts from pvpers to come down to "I'm better than you because I pvp" and i'm never disappointed.

Could you tell me exactly how pve is different from most pvp? Sure pvp has more abilities but tends to use them back to back the way NPCs do. People may try to out-maneuver you but keeping someone in your firing arc is the same in both pve and pvp. If a borg sphere moved and turned as fast as a player, had 7 weapon systems, 12 BO abilities (including 2x TT, 2x EPTS etc) and a couple of gimmick consoles there would be very little real difference between that and a player because the fundamental game system is so simple. Sure the NPCs don't cross heal much (some Elachi do) but give them the same tanking capabilities as a player and see what would happen.

I'd rather be in the top 5% of pve-ers than the top 20% of pvpers. Much larger pool to excel in. Just because you are in one does not mean you would make it into the other. Either way round. I suck at pvp. Mainly because I refuse to spec into all the crap necessary to excel at it. I also refuse to play a tactical captain despite how much Cryptic seem to want us all to.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
The true issue is the game lacks a cohesive vision, philosophy, or design. Is it trinity? Is it DPS focused everyone is equal but different? Should captain type determine role in a group or ship type? Or both? Heh.

How does cryptic want the game to be, what is their vision for PvE, PvP, ship setups, etc etc, until that question is answered everything else is just noise.
This. So much this. The key reason for the game being such a mess is the lack of direction at the most basic level of development. Something that has been lacking since they were forced to release the game way before it was ready.

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