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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Depends on the definition of "warp".
Unless I'm mistaken the Phoenix from "First Contact" was most likely fission powered (given Lilly had to spend 6 months to get enough titanium for the cockpit, how the heck was she supposed to get antimatter?) so the old Romulan/Vulcan ships from the sundering were most likely fusion-powered.
This would also fit in with the dialogue from TOS that its power is "impulse" in the sense of fusion generation.

Only calling antimatter-powered FTL "warp" is probably just a case of "antimatter club snobbism".
Warp is the generic term for FTL travel using a localized pocket of subspace to change the "rules of the road" as it were that prevent realisitc hyperliminal travel in normal space time. The power used to create the warp field has no bearing on the use of the term. For example, "modern" Romulan ships using singularity cores are described as traveling at warp.

As for the Phoenix being fission vs. m/am powered, that one I don't think has a definitive answer. Anecdotal and behind the scenes evidence seems to point to it being m/am powered (the explicit description of "plasma injectors", or discussions early on in the design phase of how components from the missile the ship rode in might be used to kickstart the Phoenix' warp drive), but there's nothing airtight that I'm aware of.