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09-11-2013, 03:03 PM
Ok, thinking about it, I do want to make my Sci build as different from my Tac build as possible, but given the limitations you're talking about for most of the variety/cool abilities, I think I'll aim for the full Aux Tractor/Tachyon/Siphon/Projectiles build you mentioned. At the moment, I'm only Cmdr, and I've been mixing my build up using GW1 (which I'm sad to hear is not as effective as it could be, as I've been having fun with it at low level solo PvE), Tractor and Tachyon (with HE1 of course); so thinking about how to plan it out from here:-

I presume for that type of build I would have to leave out any specialization in Energy Weapons and go for projectiles only, loading up on torps and mines? Also, for the Sci powers themselves, leave out any of the other specialized Sci (e.g. the gravi-whatsis, the particle-whatsis, the higher placate, confuse, etc., ones) abilities, and just pump up Flow Capacitors (with Deflector to match), and double up consoles, etc. (to match)? And presumably use the extra sp to go with all the "standard" Eng skills I'd have on my Tac? Also use an overcharged Warp Core for the extra Aux?

Again, any advice greatly appreciated. TIA