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This is a drain and burn build for a reconnaissance science vessel (free ship at lvl 40). I would highly recommend using a wells, vesta or intrepid instead as these ships would enable you to give up the torpedo high yield and aux to structural for another energy syphon and polarize hull.

Make sure you take the time to acquire 3 very rare projectile duty officers. and a very rare tractor beam duty officer. Without these to add shield drain to your tractor and increase the rate at which you can fire torpedoes you wont come close to the dps output you could achieve with energy weapons.

If you have access to a good fleet you should defiantly exchange the flow capacitor consoles with embassy ones.

I have included the captain skills I would chose for your science character. Unlike a tactical captain I do not recommend over specializing. Cryptic ocasionaly nerf or change science skills, over specialization in any specific build puts you at greater risk of needing a respect. Also the effectiveness of some science abilities (principally disables) is hard caped. past a certain point it doesn't mater how many points you put into stunning some one, they wont be stunned for a second more, no matter what your tool tip claims.

Also when it comes down to it, the effectiveness of min maxing in sto is a lot less then people would have you believe. If your not working on an alpha strike build then min/maxing anything is probably costing you more then your gaining.

Take that science captain and remove the projectile weapon specialization skill points he has. put him in a tactical escort and take him into an elite STF. if you know what your doing you can still out dps most of the random maximized tactical characters you encounter and out endure most of the random maximized engineers you encounter. Skill points loose out to know how and experience almost every time. They only really matter when your competition knows as much as you do. Then they can make the difference.

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard 'I need to respect my build its not optimized enough' after I defeat some one in a dual, using my own generalist build (more generalized then the one I have given you).

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