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Originally Posted by rendar1970 View Post
Hello All.

So normally I fly a Galaxy X with 4 single cannons / 4 turrets, and really only use CRF1. I normally do pretty decent actually beside having a scrap heap for a ship.

So i finally caved in and bought a Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit.
My build is

Now something bad happened. Im suddenly doing horrible damage. I mean, ill go into a pvp queue, and get 2nd to last place in dps, and barely break 100k damage in a match, with barely any kills. I was doing better in the POS Galaxy X.

So please, please tell me if there is some glaring mistake i made in my build that Im just not noticing. Or tell me what I can do Better
ah. i see the problem. i suffered from the same problem as well, but i found a fix

dropping the torp

outside of extreamly lucky hull hits, using a torp on an escort is like leaving a forward weapon slot empty. i ran a torp on escorts for quite a wile, to try to make it work, but it just doesn't. torps are dead, theres just to much preventing them from doing damage no mater how good your timing is. replace your torps and torp skills with a DBB and BO, and your damage numbers and effectiveness will skyrocket.
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