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# 1 Embassy Romulan Boff Unis
09-12-2013, 12:07 AM
Apologies in advance, if this thread is in the wrong forum location, wasn't sure where to put this complaint/gripe. If this is moved, so be it.

To the gist, why can't Fed players, when they purchase Romualn Boffs off the Embassy, be allowed to change their uniforms, out of that gawd awful... well... puke green outfit, they are stuck in? At LEAST allow us players, Fed and KDF alike, I presume, (maybe the same for Romulan Faction players too, but uncertain there,) to allow us to change their uniforms, in the same manner as Romulan players can change Boff outfits, in such similar style.

Please let us get those particular boffs, out of their torrid outfits, made from overbinges on romulan ale, and trips to hurl it out, along afterwards? Please? And maybe while we are at it, allow the similar same allowable changes, to the Reman boffs, from the Vault FE series, along, the same boff lines, that Reman boffs are allowed, under Romulan player captains?

After living with em on my Assault A2B cruiser, for long since before LoR came out, I think I'm fed enough as it is, looking at them, as they are.

Bad enough that Boffs are missing from my bridges, after away missions, and from my Doff department assignments, going AWOL all over the place, anymore, without... muehh... 'that' green yuck, and all.

And with that, I return you, to your regularly scheduled ignoring of Fleet Miranda talk, and so forth...