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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
The problem isn't quite so simple. This board/community rarely reaches anything even resembling a consensus.

Let us take the upcoming nerf to BO double/triple tapping. Everyone is throwing a hissy fit that it fails to fix the real issue and that it shouldn't be done.

Yet a few months ago when they were about to eliminate the always on EPtS that is one of the most OP bridge officer abilities in the game everyone began to throw a hissy fit.

So what is it, do you want their to be gaps in a players defenses that can be exploited to kills them, or do you not?

But I digress. The true issue is the game lacks a cohesive vision, philosophy, or design. Is it trinity? Is it DPS focused everyone is equal but different? Should captain type determine role in a group or ship type? Or both? Heh.

How does cryptic want the game to be, what is their vision for PvE, PvP, ship setups, etc etc, until that question is answered everything else is just noise.
I don't think that is the case.

Some of the more vocal forum pvp'res, including myself, throw out potential solutions over which there can be disagreement. The same goes for the priorities which we all approach from a personally biased POV. However, as far as the problems are concerned there is generally agreement, that goes back long before the F2P forum merger.

One example: I certainly remember the pvp forums begging cryptic to introduce shield distribution to at least one NPC. PvE being to easy not teaching new PvP blood this most basic of STO;s features. This was STO at release.

Nothing of that sort has happened, and it is now part of lesson one curriculum of boot camp. I see countless PvE not balancing their shields every day.

The problem: Cryptic thinks PvE is fine, where as the large consensus for the last three years on the pvp forums has been it is not. We then might debate how to best introduce harder mobs, and shield distribution into PvE. But that is obviously useless, if Cryptic refuses to admit that the problem exists.

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