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09-12-2013, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Let us take the upcoming nerf to BO double/triple tapping. Everyone is throwing a hissy fit that it fails to fix the real issue and that it shouldn't be done.
As far as I know, everyone is okay with or even hoping for a nerf. The issue people have is that the tactic isn't being nerfed -- it's being flat out removed -- and that removal may also have long reaching repercussions.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Yet a few months ago when they were about to eliminate the always on EPtS that is one of the most OP bridge officer abilities in the game everyone began to throw a hissy fit.
Nobody was against a nerf to EPtS or a buff to other EPtX skills, the disagreement was about having a built-in hard coverage gap.
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