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Originally Posted by poeddude View Post

Could you tell me exactly how pve is different from most pvp?
rethoric question? hmmm....

simple answer:
npc's may use 3-5 abilities. unskilled, tweaked, whatever. their ai mostly is kinda poor. given that most players are more intelligent than that ai the odds are not equal.
they try to level that out by numbers and strenght (borg hy torps, hullpoints, etc.).
so we see it's not really fair, at least due to lack in ai.

other players on the other hand start from the same point as you. in the beginning the odds are even.
other players give a challenge. they try to be better and actually use what the games gives to them. as much as possible (npc's don't).
they take their choices after testing, reading and such things. for a decent pve build u don't have to do that in that manner. best proove for that is the fact that most 1st time pvp'ers gettin vaped so hard (like myself).

pve teaches nothing about game mechanics, pvp forces to learn.
that, for me, is the most remarkable difference.

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