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09-12-2013, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
The core theme I wanted players to discuss was game design: should design and balance be prioritized for high-skill play, or continue to follow the trend that caters only to the casual level?
What I personally contrary to what I believe is best for the game. Trippy, eh?

Personally, I'd prefer that it was prioritized for the high-skill play.

However, look how the game has "grown" as Cryptic has continued to lower the bar left, right, and center - eh? It's increased revenue - increased development...going the route they have has kept STO alive and is even allowing it to grow.

Does that mean both PvP and PvE folks that prefer the other are going to take issue with that design path? Yep...see it from both sides.

In the end though, they continue to add more and more power...while not only not adding more difficult content, but actually making that content easier. The backlash with the Elachi was the "players" the game is going to be what it is.

In wanting to grow the endgame for customer retention and continued revenue...and...with PvP being a part of endgame, we shouldn't be surprised that the bar will be lowered there as well - made more casual.