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09-12-2013, 09:38 AM
Didnt you post this on another thread?

"I blame the massive imbalance on the boff aspect since LoR. Also stealth detection is pretty screwed up in this game.
Trying to fix a years old tactic or game mechanic simply becuase they made other indirect factors receive a nerf/buff doesnt seem to be the way to fix things imo. It will only limit builds even further. In that case we are seemingly getting closer to a game were nothing can be combined and stacked or chained which will seriosly simplify the game and remove any fun of tweaking builds. Boring game of chess. back to the old days of 2-3 hour battles what startrek is all about, right? haha"

So you are suggesting something that goes against what you just said above. you want to remove something that gives Cruisers a fighting chance vs escorts and limits builds even further?
Seems like this is a Troll thread due to you not liking the change to BO stacking so now you want any and all abilities that allow players to create specialty builds or have any unique skills removed. You also went on a rant about the lock-box consoles and Crit boffs and romulan abilities. Seems you just don't like anything that can defeat you in PVP.

I hope if any Dev reads this thread they see it for what it really is.