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Oh, and also, to settle other arguments about the fact that not all players are using characters of the same gender...

Later on, after publishing all 40 phases of my series, I plan on going back and writing a second half of the story, for the female gender, followed by a third section of the story for those who chose, in dariuskoronikov's series, to not marry Teroth. I hope that by revealing these plans may help to settle many of the arguments against my plans for the first phase of my series.
That sounds like... a lot of work. Personally, once I reach part 10 I'd probably end up going on a long holiday an forgetting about it, rapidly distracted by a new idea. Good on you if you get it done.

On a side issue, recently where people refer to tailoring responses to gender or wanting to be able to script according to gender - this is usually due to romantic options. Don't forget that not everyone, and not everyone's characters, are straight. Sometimes when you think you're smoothing out a choice, you might actually limit it.

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