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09-12-2013, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by lake1771 View Post
yea because shield res is the only res we have in the game. right?

Well if that is your attitude then why did people scream about the time when feedback pulse ignored your shields resistence and shielding in general?

Alot of people protested for a good reason LOL ...

the same thing is kinda happening here you know...

If your not still aware, there must be over 10 different kinds of space disruptor weapons in this game by now.... the majority, all focused on shield penetration...interesting trend don't you think?

The point I'm trying to say, is that double taps are not the only problems with bop spikers....the main problem is that there is too MUCH shield penetrating weapons, especially combined with the combo of doff penetration abilities that will melt a 60k hull without even damaging the shields of that defending ship