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Originally Posted by galilleos View Post
where are your neutroniums, hazards, a2s, ph, jump console, a2d, evasives, jam sensors etc. etc.

a2s is a major life saver
*sigh* If you must know I was using 3 fleet neutroniums with the turn rate modifier with HE, brace for impact, subspace field modulator and i went full impulse to get the most out of speed defense % modifier...

The trouble is you are going to get higher shield resistence than hull resistence and since a decent alpha spiker these days can pretty much ignore your shields....and you can only cap around 50% hull resistence compared to the 75% shield resistence...well you do the math!

The bop can spike ya for 60k hull dmg without a single hit to shields ....a shocker I know

Now don't get me wrong, there needs to be a subtle balance in this game where its possible to kill players regarded as impenetrable (truth is nothing is impenetrable...just requires skill and patience) and players that have just 'enough' juice to kill but not be considered too overpowered!!!

What I think bops should be doing is trying to get past my shields and kill me....not the other way around otherwise, what is the point of having shields in this game if they don't work to protect you from someone that has focused on max shield penetrating and criticals ....

We might as well be playing Battlestar Galactica Online

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