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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
What skill is required for this?

You put A2B onto the same bind as EPTx.

Smash bind.

Stuff recharges.

This isn't rocket science.
This!!! I've found my aux2bat cruiser to be the easiest ship to fly in both PvE and PvP. In PvE, you just pull up to a target, tank and unload. In PvP, you just smash the spacebar (on my build) while focusing on maneuvering and healing/defensive buffs.

For example, on my FAHCR build I've got the following bound to space bar:

APA3, APO1, TT1, GDF3, A2B1, A2B1, EPtW1, EPtS1, BfI3 and DEM3. It also executes a shield re-balancing every time I hit it.

In practice, here's how it works in a typical "ganking" or "double-tap" scenario in Ker'rat:

1. I realize I'm being attacked (typically by the sound effects of their buffs/weapons)
2. I pop EM3 and start smashing the spacebar.
3. I pop RSP2 and keep smashing the spacebar.
4. I pop ET (if I've sustained damage) and possibly SFM to increase my defense - more spacebar.
5. I pop PH1 (if I'm being held) - still smashing spacebar.
6. I pop BFAW2, but only if I'm in open space and not mobbed by Borg spam - smash, smash and more smash.

All told, in 3-5 seconds I go from sitting duck to fully buffed, healing and on the attack with my maximum speed and maneuverability from EM + APA3 + APO, alpha strike strength from DEM3 w/Marion + EPtW1 + possibly FOMM3 if I'm against a single target, and 20+ second shield bubble from RSP2 w/a purple Fab Engineer Doff.

And the best part is there's no timing involved. If the fight continues, smashing that space bar keeps the Boff powers on GCD thanks to Aux2Bat and 3 purple Tech Doffs. So every few seconds, another offensive buff is coming online. If APO is wearing off, EPtW is coming up. If APA3 is wearing off, DEM3 is coming up. Add in some experienced maneuvering and judicious use of RSP, TSS more EM, and the occasional heal and you can tank and fight forever with minimal downtime between Boff powers.

It really is push-button simple to operate. However, building a solid A2B ship - including selecting the right cruiser or escort platform - is a total PITA. The Boffs. The Doffs. B'Tran. 20M EC for Marion on the exchange. Getting someone to train your Eng Boff in DEM3 (I'm a Tac officer). It all takes time to assemble and tune/perfect.

Which is why I say you can nerf my A2B build when you also nerf the double-tap and Elachi weapons that make my 20.1 second RSP bubble feel like a wet paper towel vs. Rambo with a .50 cal and way to much PTSD baggage to sort.