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09-12-2013, 09:14 AM
I have a combatlog devoted soley to my Advanced Slavers, since I got curious and picked up a pair anyway.

At about 90,000 'swings' which I'm using to determine a rough 'combat uptime' (assuming 1.25 seconds per beam shot), I'm getting a loot rate of about .008, with 59 successful steals. Of those 59, 2 have been contraband.

Raises lots of questions like, if the steal attempt has anything to do with weapons fire so hits matter at all, whether shields/hull damage is a factor etc.

I'm also attempting to see the effects of flow capacitors (STOwiki), which if it effects anything, would be 'steal crew', and I infer looting is tied to attempts at 'steal crew'.

None of which I can compare with elites, as I don't have access to them