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09-12-2013, 09:16 AM
Ok... I have a few questions.

First, claiming that something is OP without mentioning whats part (or the whole) is OP about it is kinda meaningless. So, what is OP about a2b in your viewpoint? I myself run an a2b engi in the regent class, while its good, i dont outdps escorts at all, which in my opinion means i'm not OP at all.

Furthermore, "normal builds arent interesting anymore.". Would u tell me whats exactly is a "normal build"? I this a reference to any build that dont use a2b at all? Or ships that do less than a2b even as the only difference is using a2b?

Well, no offense, but until u represent us YOUR a2b build with details how and why its OP, I'm afraid all i can tell u is to STFU till then. Random claims on something to be OP without telling us (or the devs u asked to review it), is kinda meaning less, i should start talking about how "this" and "that" is OP, just because they do more than my ships/builds. IMHO an a2b build isnt OP in any way, yeah gives more weapons power, 30% less cd on running skills (IF they not close to their global cd and/or global is less than 66% cd), and only uses 2 Lt. eng station (in exchange for any other Lt. eng skill), all u have to give up is 3 doff space (out of 5!), and thecnically your aux related skills, mostly those eng skills that SHARE CD with a2b, however i look at it, i have to pretty much give up a lot options for a a2b build for that 30% cd reduce and higher power in other than aux subsystems.