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09-12-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's also why things like BO/HY/TS can be neutered while other things won't even be looked at...

Well that generally leads to my other thread.

The reality is that players who aren't very good or have less skill than another will be annoyed when they die, or die fast.

They don't mind so much that they couldn't do enough damage or score a kill.

But explode their little space-ego and they've got something they want to complain about.

It's always easier, and better PR, for the Devs when they fix something that feels like an unfair kill.

How do you pick 1 particular scapegoat for "surviving lots" in a game with 20+ sources of stacked mitigation?

You don't, you can't.

They also aren't about to go and nerf Roms yet, they're too new. They need people to continue to make and play roms, they have more Warbirds to sell.

Instead they nerf a mechanic, a mechanic,not a power.

They have every right to do so as the developers, and nerfing a mechanic makes sense even if other mechanics that should be nerfed get left alone.

I agree with A.Hawk's sentiment on this, and his desire to tone down the extremes and unravel/unwind some of the out of control mechanics we have.

I have hope, but I do have expectations as well. That the other side of the coin, the "1-click" wonder 0-skill required consoles, or endless layers of mitigation, will at some point find their heads in the guillotine of balance.

When all is said and done this kind of change is easy, makes more players happy for all the wrong reasons.

No one wants to die.

Unfortunately, in PvP, Someone has to die.

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