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09-12-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by spacefortress View Post
I can give you one guess

Green as the hulk!

btw I enjoy getting my ass blown up by mini I find it hilarious but cryptic's power creeps are delving deep into weapons that is making gameplay unbearable
cheers vang, few have played the other side as often and well as you. your accurate summation of the situation makes me smile. the new doff that bypassed shields gave teeth to my spike even if i attacked at the "wrong time"

against the vangs renims and lacus of the world spike never has had 100% success rate when generated from a single ship. even psw doesnt guarantee a kill.

vang and others know it isnt that luck shot vape thats the problem, its that u dont even need to be lucky or good anymore. the style itself was fine, the boosts/new doff/rep pushed it into questionable territory.

and the fact that minmax died so easy from heavy spec and boff inveztment made instant death easier to swallow. now zombie rom rolls thru one shots and is 15 k away in a blink.

not a thing to do with marion or double tap, which vang has been surviving for months (mostly)

ggs and i take back 99% of bad i said about u :-)