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All it takes is 1 second to kill a player, leaving bop players a free 4 seconds to smoke their victory cigar

With the amount of bleedthrough doffs (BO stacking) and criticals is now possible to kill a player with 75% shield resistence no matter if you have TSS + TT + RSP or eptS all working together, since a specially equipped bop or romulan spiker can shoot through that tough shield exterior without blanching with ease.... granted it requires timing and precision for a bop spiker but then again it requires defending players an equal amount of ...say 10 shield buffs and heal buffs to defend a op spike dmg attack in a single second....
What you are describing is a once in a blue moon lucky shot. For shots to bypass shields like that you will need have the planets lining up correctly all at once. The Elachi weapons have a 2.5% chance of doing 100% shield bypass for that particular shot in question, after that, there is 5 seconds internal CD. Not only that, you will need to be extremely unlucky for that one single shot to be a Beam Overload as opposed to a regular non-buff shot. Needless to say, it is highly improbable considering every shot has a chance of missing their target based on your defense value. On average, 30% of shots will miss, possibly higher depending on your build and skills. Even then, it is only that on single shot that will go through the shields, nothing else. A single Beam Overload should be insufficient to kill a player outright unless the target is a BoP, even if it crits. With the resistance that most PvPers have, it's rare to see any single crit that goes any higher than 45K. Sure some people like to boast about some 100K numbers, don't put much stock into that, that's highly unlikely against well spec PvPers. Furthermore, even a Romulan specializing in crit will have about 20% critical chance. So you do 2.5% X 70 % X 20% => approximately 0.35% chance of a super lucky critical Beam Overload from Elachi weapon assuming a shot from a Romulan with corresponding Boffs. For a Federation or Klingon without those Boffs, the probability will be even much lower.

oh wait ...that's right it doesn't work anymore since bleedthrough is so bad..that those spikers will penetrate your heavily defended shields regardless..... take it from me, having over 10 defensive buffs readily when minimax used his spike on me....well it was a surprise when his attack ignored my shields and popped my 60k hull boat inside a second despite the fact i had rsp III + TSS II + TT II + and Rotate shield frequency with high auxiliary power active...much to my disgust
I spoke to Mini last night, he is still understandably quite upset with the BO nerf. There is one thing he said that needs to be repeated here because it is true - he is far from the worst abuser of the BO exploit. He may have invented the technique but it's some of those who copied him after that made builds entirely around it that wreck the boat. Mini actually tries to fight people, as opposed to ding them with a disgusting kaboom. That's part of the reason why he dies a lot. Once you get used to his tactics, which there aren't many variations, you get used to his ambushes in Kerrat. What's harder to evade is when you are in an Arena PvP and chaos everywhere, a cloaked T'Varo will snipe you first with BO I + 3 X BO doffs that give additional shield penetration for 4 sec at about 66% of the time, then immediately follow by HY Torpedos and a BO III. Not sure how anyone can survive that. Unlike the once in a blue moon occurrence described above, the BO double tap + 3 X BO doffs will kill any ship with a minimum of 66% of probability even without any critical hits, possibly higher because with so much burst, the BO doff proc may become redundant regardless. This kind of example is why there is not a shadow of doubt that the double tap is an exploit from top to bottom. With all the chaos that's going around you in an Arena PvP, it is not possible for a person to be able to watch out for a sniper like that, unlike in Kerrat.