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Originally Posted by inexplicabletim View Post
Yes, aux2batt need a nerf.
Now there is no point to biuld a cruiser without a2b.
How about being an effective healer? An A2B build makes HE and A2SIF rather pathetic, especially the latter due to the higher station rank requirements.

We need other options to have good dps on cruisers.
I'm not saying DPS cruisers don't exist, but I haven't seen one that's very effective in PvP. Those that have been effective have usually been "pro" players vs newbies or escorts that aren't built for tanking. Heck, the Borg 2-piece set pretty much negates a cruisers pressure damage.

As for 5 men DPS cruiser premades, yes they'll pwn a pug easily... Just as a T4 escort premade will own pugs.
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