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Originally Posted by humblesheep View Post
I agree with you, but as the OP stated, if it says you can fly any chosen faction ship, then any chosen faction ship it should be.

Note: and even if you don't want to fly a Fed or KDF ship, you might still want to use a console (that you have paid for) off a particular ship.
I think the only reason we can use T1-T4 ships is to grab the universal consoles off them. The T5 ships can only use their consoles on the ships they come with and their Fleet versions. Example the Intrepid comes with the Ablative Armour console but it only works on the Intrepid R and the Fleet Intrepid.

Now there are some exceptions to this rule. The Cloaking Device comes with both the Gal X and Defiant R can be used on either ship. But that's simply them not making a cloaking device for each ship. And it does allow Gal R owners to get a Fleet Defiant to cloak.

The Metreon Gas Console (sucks ) but it can be used on any Assault Cruiser of which there are 4. Assault, Assault R, Mirror Star & Fleet Assault.

But most consoles on T5 ships are limited to the ship they came on and the Fleet version.
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