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09-12-2013, 11:49 AM
I put together something similar but not quite the same, just because some options are always better, then you take the bits you like and make your own. Yay for variety.

Some Notes

I tried to build intentionally cheaper than stolemyname's setup, no fleet or rep gear, and the only pricey/rare hardware on the ship being the Leech (Its SOOOOOO worth it). Plus when you get access to the fancy gear, it just swaps in and becomes icing on the cake. I imagine his setup would beat mine, but mine is intentionally much easier acquire, set up, and use. Lexus vs Ferrari, basically.

I left two of the BOFF lots empty for personal tailoring. The Lt Tac could easily be Overload 2, High Yield 2, Spread 2, or APB1, depending on how you intend to play it. Likewise, any of the Emergency Power To X abilities would work well in the open Ensign Eng slot, particularly if you threw on a pair of Damage Control doffs.

Sci BOFF powers I went with two Siphon 2s rather than a single 3, to keep energy levels up constantly (plus I'm OCD and the idea of packing a 3 and a 2 makes me twitch). Dropped to a single tractor beam but added TBR. Plus you could easily give the other sci officer a different Cmdr skill and swap the two positions mid fight, depending on which skill is most appropriate at the moment, for times then TBR would be a bad idea compared to say GW or PSW. No Tachyon Beam though, as my own attempts at using it have never been worth the slot. Better to strip their shields either by eating the power or blasting the facing IMO.

Weapons, not a fan of mines and too impatient for plasma travel times and burns (personal preference), so put on a pair of quantum torps for straight-up kinetic damage, plus polaron turrets to add to the drain. The quantums teamed up with a pair of purple projectile doffs (free from so many places) and turn into a machine gun of torpedo fire; my personal record is 13 in a row before missing a proc. Plus Quantums just look nice with the Polarons besides.

Skills, I likewise agree with stolemyname's philosophy of not over-speccing into things, though a few skills are useful enough and cheap enough to push to 9 without really messing with the rest. Some of the skills are also only kinda useful on this build, but it means that if you decide to rebuild around the upcoming Gravity Well adjustments or go into a sci-scort or whatever, you don't have to respec. Just my personal design approach is all.

So yeah, not arguing with other people, just presenting another point of view. Hope you find a setup that works well for ya.

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