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Here is what will likely happen when the GW and Tyken's fix hit Tribble (Warning : Dramatization, do not imitate at home )

Unnamed Escort hero : "Woah! Dearest Adjudicator Hawk, the GW III and Tyken's Rift III are super OP!"

Average STO forum reader : "What's wrong?"

Unnamed Escort hero : "Look, my super OP Bug ship can't move, nerf this now!"

Average STO Sci Captain : "Really? The Borg probe is still moving like nothing happened at all..."

Unnamed Escort hero : "Says who? My speed used to be 110 with EPtE now I am moving at merely 109.5! Did you know this reduction of 0.5 will get my bug ship killed! Nerf this now!"

Average STO Sci Captain : "o_o"

Get ready, because the nerf cry will be coming soon.