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09-12-2013, 11:53 AM
oh i knew this thread would pop up in the wake of all the drama lately yes, lets nerf AtB, so tac cruisers can lose approximately 50% of their current effectiveness. on a team, they still arent worth trading an escorts for, due to the way they deal damage. in the wake of hyper spike getting nerfed, we should nerf hyper pressure too? when its not even as good as regular spike?

90% of the people i see wanting AtB nerfed have no experience and very little understanding of it. their are drawbacks to using it. a healer build, the primary use of a cruiser cant use it, it needs max aux at all times and AtS. AtB cruisers can be pretty resilient, can use RSP a lot, but arent even close to being as resilient as a heal boat. on tac cruisers AtB allows you to use the ship wrong without majorly penalizing you for it. if you take AtB away from them now, every cruiser will have little choice but to trade their lost offense for defense, you really want more zombie cruisers around?

beyond cruisers theres some gray areas. destroyers and warbirds tend to be able to use it too. the destroyers lack escort turn rates and agility, are a jack of all trades but subpar at directly fighting escorts. they can be outflown and out gunned easily by classic escorts, no AtB destoyer is close to a match for a bug. AtB helps these ships not suck in practice as much as they would otherwise. at the usual price of low aux, and on destroyers and warbirds with cloaks and high end sci skills, being without aux is an achilles heel.

how about warbirds? strong ships, primarily tac with battlecloak. quite a few think its not worth the risk draining your aux all the time when so much of the ships strength comes from attacking from cloak, and then quickly cloaking again. activating something every 10 seconds that has more then a good chance of dropping your aux to 0 for a 10 second period is not for the faint of heart. for tactical ships, they lack enough station slots to double up basic tac skills, so a warbird user has to choose between tac skill up time and healthy all the time aux levels for reliable cloaking.

though i was worried that warbirds with AtB would be overpowered, it ended up being higher risk for higher reward, it balanced itself that way. in the other cases the ships that can use AtB would SUCK tactically without it. dont blame AtB for that, or say that theres no reason to run anything but AtB on them, blame the ships themselves for sucking. AtB has brought up cruiser tactical potential in a way no other change could have. it has made a great deal of ships that would be underpowered just good enough to be worth using. without it the game would look far more cookie cutter. the pve'ers love it, because they can use thier favorite cruiser and it can be as tough as they want it to be.

and yes, several execute whole row macros is much more overpowered then any skill combination in game.
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