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09-12-2013, 12:56 PM
hey guys n gals, its me again needed some suggestions.

1) my sci rom

i just dont know what to do with it. atm its in a hanomnomnom

2) my fed tac in a fleet defiant. it packs a lot of punch... but i am absolutely terrible at piloting it, keeping things in arc not blowing up etc. what did you folks do? im so used to cruisers

3) fleet ambassador/fleet excelsior: atm have an engi in it for pew pew grinding. 6 phased tetryeon beam arrays, 1 cluster torp, 1 tractor mine. how do i add some more oomph or whatever to it. its aux2bat with faw 3,2. tt1. epts1, epte1, au2bat1 (x2), rsp2, dem3. he1, st2. specced into flow caps

4) going to make a kdf sci to toss into a fleet varanus. suggestions for race?
im just all sorts of derpy it seems today.
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