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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
It isn't, I promise you. I've run at least a half dozen A2B builds.

If you have two copies of A2B, and you should, you simply bind them and fire them off constantly.

One of them will fire off every 10s.

So it really does not matter when you do or do not time your other buffs.

The only thing you need to watch is when to pop an aux batt between those cycles
noob! if you dont hold off on activating AtB when you have skills less then 5 seconds away from being available again, your doing it wrong your timings will just be more off next time.

you wont see global on tac skills without a decent amount of mindfulness. long cooldown skills like RSP, HE, APO and DEM sure, but not weapon skills. you want to mash your EPt/AtB/distribute bind AFTER you mash your tac buff bind. they drift apart over time and you need to activly keep them in line.
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