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Odd this should come up now as after not having done any for a year or so I've decided to start doing them again to complete the accolades and help me get some of the 'Kill 1000 xxxxxx's ' accolades whilst gettin some dilithium thrown in for the daily.

My biggest qualms -

Ground - you usually have to actually get to the planet first, through broad empty space, which can take minutes. why not quicken it like Qo'nos is?
Hmm... I occupy my time by scanning data samples. there's usually 4 in the pre-ground space maps.
Ground - Never any respawn points on the 'kill 5 sets' missions, you die on the last one and have to run through the whole damn maze base again.
yeah that would be nic eto have tweaked.
Space - All your sensors can pick up is bloody data samples! Why not tweak that so they also pick up the enemy you have to kill?
yeah all missions are like that...

EDIT: here's a few more missions logged:
Discover Ship's Fate: (System Gamma Coronae DS-436)
-Scan Vessel(Dalankrit)
-scan more wrecks(2)
-scan for antiprotons(2)

Relief effort: (System K105-M)
-Aid the planet: (Pirx, 10 comm arrays)
NOTE: I got 100 dip xp for this

Investigate planet: System J-876
-Approach planet
Alien Defense Artifacts: Planet Zeta Kappa 377
-examine one artifact
-artifacts disabled(4)

Investigate Planet: System Lambda Draconis IO-441
-Approach Planet
Deposits investigation: Planet Rho Horologii 0442-Xi
-investigate deposit
-decalithium deposits investigated(4)
NOTE: I got 100 dip xp for this

I can haz joystick!
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