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Originally Posted by g0h4n4 View Post
Meh, I had a destablised torp deal 76 k to me lol
Heh, mixed consoles from dorking around with things and just goofing around in general.

I posted this in a thread discussing DRR debuff stacking...

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Here's an example of what I meant about DRR going negative.

[Combat (Self)] Your Destabilized Plasma Torpedo deals 113031 (51321) Kinetic Damage to Tactical Cube.

That's ~220% damage...because of stacked debuffs.

The (X) number's within that typical range for the listed damage of 54.7k for the Beach Ball.
I try picturing that amount of debuff stacking, with a Tac doing the APA3/APO3/Rom Ambush...having all the BOFFs, better consoles, etc, etc, etc...

Yeah, I think there's more things that Cryptic needs to look at...but they won't because they're PvE things. Only if they're massively borking the 15 Minute Golden Rule will things get looked at there...
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