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Originally Posted by iskandus View Post
More to the point, I am a casual gamer, not a hard core pro. PvP in fact occupies a small portion of my time, I do many other things - like train people, help newbies, review their builds, do testing, doff-ing - a lot other things and yes, PvE too. When I PvP, I made a point of not taking part in premade teams unless my fleet is having a casual among ourselves. Being a lone wolf by nature, I enjoy my freedom and my builds reflect the self-reliance of that. Some members of your fleet, which I met in Arena and C&H are pretty damn awful on their own. It's as though they don't know how to fight outside of a premade team. Perhaps you need more 1 on 1 training as opposed to needing be babysit all the time?
Fascinating post, but as someone once told me, everyone has a role, sometimes sacrificing Heals for other stuff may actually help the team.

Not everyone can afford countless respec tokens and re roll toons just for the lolz to play in Kerrat or Pugs. In fact what you see in the queues may not be how they play in pre mades. Sometimes people just play in pugs to let their hair down and have some pew pew and less QQ

E.g Extending someone constantly means they don't need to worry much about shields and have increased resistance.

I seen a 5 team Tac cruisers do this once, a circle of extends, brutally effective against the unprepared and even may give premades a run for their money
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