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Of course all the geeking out aside you realize we are arguing about what is/is not regarding a franchise that changed its canon almost every episode, invented technobabble, and didnt even pretend to try for continuity or anything similar... SO we're arguing Logic and pseduo physics against lollogic, techobabble, and attempts to get/keep ratings...
Just concede. Romulans had FTL travel capability before allying with the Klingon Empire and getting the D7 ships, whether it was called "warp" or something else.

That much has to be true, regardless of any assertion(s) made in any of the series or movies. Scotty's statement is the only hint of anything to the contrary, and, as I have shown, is at least an ambiguous statement, but more relevantly, Romulans must have had "warp" capability well before the TOS era, or else the whole Trek universe falls apart as total nonsense (alright, I'm exaggerating, but I think you see the point I'm making).

While it is well-known that there are continuity issues between the various series and movies (and even within a given series), there is a general "current" of widely-accepted canon information, and derived theories based thereon which are consistent therewith (and, in some cases, offer plausible explanations to resolve some of the inconsistencies).

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