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09-12-2013, 03:42 PM
Questions for Mr Stahl:

1. What is your honest assessment of the current state of Star Trek Online?

2. Any decisions you've made for the game, that given hindsight, you would've done differently?

3. If yes to the above, what might one of those decisions be?

4. Would you be in favor of a major "bug smashing" patch, to get rid of long-standing bugs that have been plaguing the game since launch?

5. Will Crafting and/or Exploration ever get the much needed, and often promised love, or will it continuously be swept aside by other priorities?

6. Any chance of simplifying the Reputation grinds, possibly making the better gear available earlier, or making reputation status account-based rather than character-based?

7. Will we ever see some much needed love to the GPL system?

8. And finally, will Lobi Crystals ever be made account-bound?