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...Build advice and stuff....
Honestly this is a perfectly workable build and definatly good advice. Reginamala knows what they are talking about.

The choice of two energy syphon's is certainly right for a sci build using energy weapons as this one is and it certainly has all the tools your going to need for elite content.

The choice of tractor beam repulsors is also quite right for a budget build. They have far more uses then a regular tractor beam. The choice of two tractors In my build is to make best use of the tractor beam duty officer who will not add shield drain to tractor beam repulsors.

The choice to go with mines in my build is once again down to the duty officers. With three VR projectile duty officers the romulan hyper plasma torpedo launcher is going to keeping the global torpedo launcher cool down (1 second) going most of the time. One more plasma torpedo launcher on the front could be utilized but adding more makes little sense.

I have toyed with adding launchers aft but as I am spending all my time facing the target spamming hyper plasma at it they rarely get any use. Adding more turrets is an option but but with only 1 energy syphon and all the tactical console slots boosting projectile damage turrets are mostly just their to shoot down projectiles, while the beam array is there for subsystem targeting.

The plasma mine launcher has a relatively short cool down when compared to other mines so using more then one dosnt cut that many seconds between re-use. the nukara and tractor mines both have long recharge times but are both good when they do launch.

My build is not a budget build. I put it on a budget ship, but its something to work towards. Reginamala's build is a very worthy one to use while working to obtain the parts for it.