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09-12-2013, 04:05 PM
Question #1
To Lead Designer Al "CaptainGeko" Rivera or any the Dev that handles fleets...

Recently we had an update to fleet security to help protect fleets from "hostile takeovers". This is awesome. Thank you.

Currently we can monitor who deposits/withdraws items from a fleet's fleet bank, this allows fleet leadership to keep an eye on items as well as keep an eye out for potential abuse. However there is no system in place to monitor fleet assets (weapons, shields, ships, etc.). Is it possible to put one in place? Even one similar to the fleet bank system. To see who is taking what items. It seems odd that we can keep track of "standard" items, but ultra rare fleet items which cost the fleet time and effort to provision have no way of being tracked.

Question #2
To Lead Designer Al "CaptainGeko" Rivera or any the Dev wants to answer...

Edoans/Edosians as a playable race or even as a BoFF? Is it possible? Q can change players into Undine so the mechanic is kinda there.... can we make this happen?

Question #3
Any Dev who wishes to answer

Its official Voyager 1 just left the Solar System and has gone where no space probe has gone before....can we celebrate with a Voyager 1 Pet? or maybe even an Ornament at the starbase?

Question #4...the burning one...
Any Dev who wishes to answer
What does the glowing Lockbox on top of the cargo containers in Starbase Incursion do???

Thank you again for the opportunity to ask these questions.

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