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09-12-2013, 03:16 PM
To the dev team that works on the Romulan faction

1. The Romulan faction; what justified the cloak damage boost with supporting Romulan bridge officer traits when the Federation and KDF have nothing to compare?

2. These ship 2p bonuses; again, how is something as powerful as the T'varo 2p only available to the Romulan faction?

3. How is the Romulan story line coming along? Has the ending been decided upon?

4. I myself don't have any issues with Mr. Tovan, but there seems to a much hate foe the guy. Any tid bits if he is to stay or does his future seem bleak?

5. Quite curious, could you give any insight on the possibility of future faction? And if so, will you be working on them? The Romulan storyline was terrific, would love to see the same magic in the future
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