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09-12-2013, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by rahmkota19 View Post
A shame.

Anyway, disagree with Neoakiraii.
Faketrekkies will hate him.
True trekkies, who keep an open mind, will not decide to hate a movie before it is being made.
Sounds a little like the "no true Scotsman" argument to me. Regardless, though, I do agree that the JJ-hate is a little overblown. Yes, the shaky cam and lensflares were annoying as hell, and yes, while I didn't see Into Darkness, I hear it's story suffered a lot from...well, being poorly written. But that being said, I actually liked the first Star Trek reboot (not the greatest thing ever, but still enjoyable), and seeing as it's all taking place in an alternate timeline, I tend not to worry about any poorly-written crappyness affecting the main universe.