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09-12-2013, 04:57 PM
Well, if you are wanting a bit more smack from your eng fahcr for pve grinding, i would suggest the following:

Ditch the tets for polaron crth crtdx2 beams: 7 + kcb.

Ltc tac: tt1, apb1, faw3
Com eng: eps1, a2b1, epw3, dem3
Lt eng: epe1, a2b1
Ens eng: et1
Lt sci: he1, tss2 or ph1, he2..iprefer the first for pve grinding.

For consoles, eng: borg, tachy/rcs, zeropoint, elachi crit if you have it/ leech
Sci: field gen, dealers choice

4 polaron tac

I run 2 pc borg plus elite res shield, fleet amp core

But thats my usual pve grind beam build... it tosses the hurt to those poor npcs pretty effectively.
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