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Originally Posted by denliner1701 View Post
The Voth shouldn't have relations with the Iconians.
It really cheapens their backstory and gives them a weak excuse for them to implement them.
They're from the Delta Quadrant, perhaps they're here with Hirogen or Kazon mercenaries, though they do not treat them nicely according to their beliefs (All non-Voth have no rights to them).

The Voth's backstory could be a planned gigantic invasion to Earth, as enough scientists researched and persuaded them that they proved the Distant Origin Theory, which would horrify them, as Humans have no rights, but yet so similar to them by having a common ancestor. They could attack out of retribution, eliminating all of humanity to preserve purity among their race. This could be a Federation-only FE like the Fek'ihri to the Klingons or Elachi to the Romulans, since the Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic (KDF) will not intervene in such a conflict.
I could imagine that decades after the various species of the Delta Quadrant encountered Voyager and Equinox seeing more Federation and Alpha Quadrant ships encroaching on their space they would react like the Japanese did to Commodore Perry's "Black Ships"; arming and modernizing themselves like mad till they had a one of the best navies in the world; then launching a first strike.
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