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# 1 No Win build question
09-12-2013, 07:32 PM
I'm a PvEer, and I'd really like to become part of the elite group who've actually beaten No Win Scenario. So my question is, if I want to get there, what do I need? Faction, class, ship, consoles, everything is on the table here (although it could take me an awfully long time to get it, I do only play casually since I am a college student). And obviously I'd like builds for that stuff as well. I've listed the builds being used by my 3 current toons below, along with their approximate DPS in ISE pugs.

Recon Vesta (6k DPS)
Breen ship (5.5k DPS)
Corvette (7k DPS)

And I guess if those DPS numbers on those builds indicate that I'm just not a good enough player to beat No Win, I ought to know that too.

I have Omega and Rom Rep maxed for all 3 toons, and Nukara maxed for all but the one with the corvette, and also have fleets with a T4 Starbase, T3 Embassy, and T2 Mine Fed side and T2 Starbase, T1 Embassy, and soon to be T1 Mine KDF side (provisions are a bit short on KDF, so I'd prefer not to use up too terribly many of those). I also have 5 unopened Plasmonic Leech packs, and can list other ships I already own if desired.

I have been thinking about one possible build from what I have: use the Recon Vesta with a tac in the LtC for 2xTT1, 2xCSV1, APB2, get HE, TSS, GW, and TBR for the Comm, and the rest would be eng, EPtS1, EPtW1, and ET2 (which I understand is important for Viral Matrix hits) with DCEs to keep the EPtX chaining, and possibly switching to Rom Plasma weapons as well. Just a thought, I really don?t know if that would cut it or not.