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09-12-2013, 08:16 PM
I would love to interview "adjudicatorhawk

Hello Hawk! I hope the day is treating you well, and I'd like to thanks you for taking the time to answer a few of my questions.

My first question is rather simple.
As someone who reads the forums often, my impression is that you are very passionate about finding a balance between PvP and PvE mechanics. Do you personally participate in PvP when you have time to play the game?

My guess, is that you do indeed PvP. Do you prefer Capture and Hold, or Arena?

If you could add one type of map to PvE that doesn't exist and also one to PvP, what would they be like?

Of all the starships in STO, which is your favorite and why?

What NEW starship would you like to see added to the game?

I've been following a recent thread regarding upcoming fixes to multiple stack Bridge Officer Powers, and was impressed with your insight. Which mechanic in STO do you think could most benefit the game by being adjusted?

OK Hawk, thanks for your time and all you do for STO. One last question. Say one afternoon, Daniel Stahl shows up in your office and says "Hawk, I've decided to turn you loose on special project of your own choosing!" What would that project be?

Thanks again Hawk! Live long and prosper!