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09-12-2013, 09:28 PM
I used a Breen Chel Grett to do it, but this build can also be adapted to other escorts with Lt Cmdr Sci station. This can take out 1 side on its own very fast.
fore- 4 DHC
aft- 3 turrets, 1 cutting beam

engines, deflector- doesn't matter too much, I like Omega 2 pc, most like borg 2 pc

shields- MACO, Honor guard, adapted, or elite fleet shields

devices- aux battery, subspace field modulator

eng- neutronium, plasmonic leech, subspace integration circuit

sci- assimilated module, zero point conduit, and tachyokinetic converter or aceton assimilator if KDF, or field generator if you don't have those

tac- 4 of your energy type

boff skills-

cmdr tac- tt1, csv1,csv2, apo3 (switch to beta 3 if you dont have attack pattern doffs)
lt tac- tt1, apb1

lt eng- eptw1, epts2

lt cmdr sci, he1, tbr1, gw1
ensign sci- tss1

doffs, 2 damage control engineer, debuff clearing warp core engineer, 2 attack pattern doffs
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