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09-12-2013, 10:30 PM
You are thinking along the wrong terms for fighters.

At least in ST.

Carriers, as far as space is concerned (dont start with navy crap it doesnt even come close to pertaining) started coming out on one side, those fighters where meant to Harass
Larger ships so the Larger ship could pound it into oblivion. So the otherside needs fighters, to counter their enemies fighters.

Fighters are also smaller so harder to hit, But in some case (in other universes) fighters can take down larger opponents at less of a cost. 12 Fighters and pilots is less expensive and can be built and replaced quicker, than Capitol Class Starships.

Now with Star Trek, Everything is bigger than it really needs to be, on the Federation side at least. Most shuttles having room for around 8, Runabouts having more. I mean the Delta Flyer was so big she had a Frakkin Jeffries Tube. So you look at Stalkers and Scorpions, Small room for a pilot, not much more. It makes more sense to send out 12 Scorpion sized ships than it does 8 Runabouts fully crewed. 12 dead vs 32 dead. Shuttles and Runabouts are great and can defend themselves, but like all federation ships fighting is not their role. its transportation. A Shuttle is essentially a station wagon, with a runabout being a motorhome.

They would have been better off putting real weapons and shields on Federation Trainers and using them.....
Inertia just means you can do Powerslides in you carrier!
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