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09-12-2013, 09:31 PM
i would like to see wesley snipes, micheal doron, and Eddie Murphy all play klingons trying to make peace with the federation but they have to ask for jame t kirk's help against fight the duras family from actually taking an offencive again starfleet or the federation in star trek 13. Eddie Murphy would be kinda hard to write for as a funny klingon. micheal dorn could play the grand father to worf son of mouge. wesley snipes could be a super strong and fast human/klingon hybirde with a strong mistrust for the duras family. also star trek 13 really needs to have the conventional science exploration mission too even may be a mission where the elder has to actually show new james t kirk the service records of the prime james t kirk's career records to safe complete a mision also to give a boot in new james t kirk's ass to be a tiny bit less over the top with bending the rules