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09-13-2013, 12:07 AM
You can have an interstellar Empire without having FTL. For all we know, Romulans had telepathic-powered FTL travel to make the Exodus from Vulcan to Romulus. Romulans are the ones that believed in freedom and the joy of having emotions so they had their fair share of telepathic Romulans with them when they left. If their FTL travel is based on telepaths, then they could eventually end up with no telepaths left that can be used for FTL travel. So Romulans would have to get Warp Travel from Klingons. There is also the issue that Romulans had no help from the Vulcans in setting up their homeworld so they could have underwent a technological decline during their first centuries on Romulus.

The most likely case is that they somehow obtained some form of FTL before Archer encountered them and the Klingons gave them a better FTL technology in exchange for a cloaking device. There is no reason to assume that Romulans had Warp Travel since they left Vulcan or that they even had Warp Travel when they left. After all Khan's ship was found light years away from Earth and it was about 250 years between when they launched and when they were found and had to rely on sublight travel. We can easily assume that Romulans had far better technology than Earth did in the 2000s. So Earth ships at that time might have gone at 0.1c while Romulan ships could have gone at 0.75c. So unless we have the date of when they left, the date when they arrived at Romulus, and how long they travelled, then we can't say that Romulans had Warp Travel before they left Romulus or even had FTL for most of their time away from Vulcan.