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09-13-2013, 12:39 AM
Originally Posted by nebulgamnezar View Post
we need new PVP queu system like the ideo of cross faction queu ..

when i want pvp on KDF side it take like 20 min befor enter into a match and i see 20 persone in the queu for fed vd klink and 0 persone in klingon vs klingon. AND when i got fed side i see 20 in FED vs FED and 20 in FED vs Klingon , im a KDF player MOST of my friends play in KDF side and WE never get the FED team in ARENA they ALL play FED vs FED ,

even when im on fed side somtimes it take 20 min ..THE queu need a fix ..i am sure its NOT a impossible JOB to do ...
Has been a long request that has been ignored for sometime. Devs simply aren't interested for the time being, PVP could have been become a big cash cow to Cryptic, but neglect over the years coupled with power creep has meant a diminishing PVP crowd with new players shunning it.

Look at Counterstrike in the old days, it was a free game, but big tournaments held both nationally and internationally, big prizes, big sponsors from both Intel and Razer. Why? because the creators supported the game and made it grow into it's fullest potential.

given the Star Trek IP the potential could have been far greater, it's a real shame that those who PVP are very few compared to PVE players who are happy to pop cubes and it gives them a power trip they are God. But they queue for PVP they get Roflstomped and don't bother with it.

There's only so much you can do before it becomes pointless and seems you are banging your head against a wall when the Devs don't appreciate issues and ignore them.
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